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stick around now for "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. enough is enough. that's what president obama told house republicans at last night's contentious debt talks. the president squared off against house minority leader eric cantor and the president stormed out. they say that comment is over blown. and the two sides seem to be moving backwards. it's always darkest in washington before the deal, then again. some republicans are tiring of this fight. a fight line between hero and scapegoat with markets in a bad way. and then the big tease. julie yanni w giuliani. will think of these folks get in the game? the summer of speculation. good morning, thursday, july 14, 2011, i'm chuck todd. and the nbc campaign team is doing a lot of prep today. doing that behind the scenes but why not to get right to my first
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reads of the morning, hurdling towards the huge financial calamity. ratings agency moody's put the government on notice for a possible credit downgrade. as leaders try to broker a deal, personal relationships are breaking down. president obama and house majority leader eric cantor clashed yesterday after the president frustrated by the lack of progress, saying it was time to stop postures and get the deal done. cantor went to the press telling his version of story. cantor said, obama got very agitated seemingly and sat there long enough. and no other president, ronald reagan, wouldn't sit here and he said to me, eric, don't call my bluff. democrats dispute his version of the event. one said cantor's account of tonight's meeting is completely overblown. cantor rudely interrupted the president three times to advocate for short-term debt ceiling increases. look, what's become increasingly
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clear is that cantor is the one who claims he's the skate gosca. he's the man in the middle. not calling him out by name, some republicans are sending a message on this deal impact. cantor has broken with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell who argued yesterday with conservative radio host, on a show, allowing the u.s. to default is bad politics for republicans. >> i refuse to help barack obama get re-elected, but marching republicans into a position where we have co-ownership of a bad economy. if we go into default, easier to say the republicans are making the economy worse and try to convince the public maybe with some merit. >> the president told congressing leaders in that meeting we wants me to wear the jacket and i'm willing to wear it. look, at the end of the day there san outline what a deal could look like.
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working on mcconnell's fail-safe hail mary punt that actually could include about a trillion dollars in spending cuts. of course, this group you know, has agreed to about $1.5 trillion to $1.7 trillion in cuts, the smaller deal would have a trillion in there just enough for republicans to agree and maybe convince some of those house republicans to do it, all sorts of ways this could happen. you could see a piece of a mcconnell deal, a piece of those trillion dollars in cuts and an agreement to have binding on tax reform, sore social security and all could end up looking like a little deal with a possibility to get a big deal. we'll see. we have a long way to go. the president set a friday deadline for the group to design whether a deal is worth pursuing. boehner has to contend with members of his own party, many of whom are definite no votes. >> president obama, quit lying. you know darn well that if august 2nd comes and goes, there's plenty of money to pay off our debt. >> if we don't pass the debt
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ceiling you don't worry about that? >> i think that we have plenty of money to service our debt. >> this is a misnomer that i believe the president and the treasury secretary have been trying to pass off on the american people, and it's this -- that if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion, that somehow the united states will go into default. >> i can tell you this, speaker of the house john boehner to a small group of reporters said, letting the august 2nd deadline come and go and how the markets would react, he said it's a crap shoot nobody wants to know. the quote, crap shoot. nobody wants to go there. nobody knows how the market will react and it's not worth testing it out. speculation the president might invite this group to go to camp dav david. why? a lot of frustration on all sides, everything that happens gets right out to the press. lock them away in camp david, the old fashion israeli/palestinian peace
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process. ins race of 2012 continues to be the summer of speculation. chris christie headlines, you just saw there, kingmaker when he visits the hawkseye state next month and perry made a courtesy call to iowa senator grassley and rudy giuliani embarks on a two-day swing through new hampshire. unless the media counteracts, palin went on her o'employemplo remind us she's still around. >> i'm not so egotistical to believe it can only be me to turn this country around. not fully confident that that one individual is in the field. so i'm cistill thinking one offering myself up in the name of service. >> okay. we'll know by labor day, sounds like. democrats may embrace it as a last resort, senator mcconnell's plan for the debt ceiling, serving in the house. serving on the budget committee. congressman, nice to see you
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again. you tweeted, wow, stupid idea. at the end of day, though, is it a better idea to allow the country to default on august 2nd or pass this last-ditch fail safe? >> a false choice. an entirely stupid idea. we got elected to congress to make tough addition decisions and be part of the process and i have the greatest respect for the senator, but with respect, this is just a stupid idea. we've got to make the tough decisions. those decisions have not been made in the past. that's why we're in this mess. we're a coequal branch of government with the president and ought to be part of that process. >> where are you on the debt creeling? i ask you that and want you to wait until you hear what ben bernanke, the federal chair said about entering default and then answer the question. >> clearly, default on the debt it would be a major crisis, because the treasury securities view this the safest and most
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liquid security in the world, the foundation for much of our financial system, and the notion it would become suddenly unreliable and liquid would show shock waves through the entire global financial system. >> after hearing that, do you believe that some deal has to be reached to make sure the debt ceiling is raised? >> i want to see the -- i don't want to see it go into default. nobody wants to see that. i do think there can be some sort of deal that people are sacrificing on both sides in order to get to. we're trying to work towards that. i believe the cap and balance is the bet way to cut spending now, put a cap on spending and pass a balanced budget amendment. >> you know -- >> it's in the right trajectory. >> i understand that and way for presidential candidates to say they're for raising the debt ceiling without taking a position. it's not going to pass or get the two-thirds it needs, come up a vote short. when it comes up a vote short, are you for the deal? >> i'm not willing to make that
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assumption. that's what -- >> but after that, if it doesn't pass, are you for basically letting eric cantor and john boehner, do what you got to do to cut the best possible deal, but you know what? if you have to compromise, compromise? >> i'm very support ib of the speaker. cantor is doing a wonderful job trying to balance all the parties as a whole. no. i'm not willing to give up and say we're just going to pass -- no. make tough decisions and have votes on the floor. >> before i let you know, i want to give ayou a chance for warre hatch, his campaign manager said the following. he calms you the most arrogant aberration i've seen from an elected official whose responsibilities to the voters of utah not see how many times he were get his prit face on television. i appreciate the fact you came
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on tv today. any response to orrin hatch's campaign manager? >> sounds like they're a little scared. look, they had a delegation meeting starting at 11:00. i was conducting a hearing, i'm a chairman of a committee and on msnbc near 12:30 in the afternoon and came up to the conclusion i was on television as opposed to the meeting. it's just not true. so -- >> are you definitely a candidate for the u.s. senate seat in utah? >> i haven't reached that final conclusion, but i am a definite maybe and i am very much leaning towards that and i think that's why you see that they're fairly scared at this point trying to throw these ridiculous allegations at me, but i guess that's part of the process, of course. >> and one more question on the debt ceiling. would you like to see -- do you think there's too much leaking of the events? an idea to bring everybody to camp david, which, of course, keeps all of us away in the
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media. do you think that's a good idea for the weekend? >> sounds good, but we have member here's. 435 members in the house. they all deserve to be a part of, in hearing the details on that. the senate as well. i'm not willing to just give every single bit of authority, if you will, to the speaker. i'm going to make my eown decision what the conclusion is and they need that interaction. that's the only negative. i love the fact they're getting together and talking. that's a positive story. this is a big story. it's a big deal. >> thank you for coming on this morning. up next, the other side of the, he said/he said debate on the debt talk explosion. coming up, what he knows about the meeting and whether democrats could back mitch mcconnell's last-ditch proposal. still to come, the summer of speculation heats up. we told tu would look like this on the republican side of the aisle. are more candidates going to get into the field?
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first, my look ahead to the president's schedule. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. at 4:15 today. moving it back. moving it back. they don't want to miss the 6:00 and 6:30, 7:00 news. be right back. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life!
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it's not only avoiding default on senator miranda cosgrove connell's mind, under his plan, voting to pass the debt ceiling. there could be bad politics. and serving on the budget committee and vice chair of the house democratic caucus. congressman, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, chuck. >> let me start with the possibility as a fail safe of the mitch mcconnell plan which harry reid, nobody's dismissing
9:15 am
on the democratic side, nobodies dismissing idea out of hand including the president himself as a last-ditch effort, would you support it? >> we need to do something and that's probably a question better posed to my republican colleagues saying hell no to almost anything. that's why you had the blow up yesterday where eric cantor stormed out again. democrats willing to go the extra mile. democrats have put everything on the table, democrats have waited for democrats to come back to the table. you'll find democrats are willing to be the partner necessary to get this done. >> what is it that could get through? the president, you know, agrees that allowing, say, a social security commission. one of the harry reid ideas, tax reform, allows it to go to commission with a binding up or down vote, with whatever happens, which could include
9:16 am
raising the eligibility age on social security, means testing on medicare. are you willing to basically pass off that to a commission if that's part of this bigger deficit reduction deal? >> i believe that having served on one of these commissions, the fiscal commission last year that the president appointed to deal with these deficits and debt, that you could come up with a solution that way, chuck. the difficulty is this -- will republicans agree that this commission gets to explore everything under the sun? and not come in with pre-conditions. can cannot be my way or the highway, as you continue to hear republicans say. the reason we haven't got an agreement today on not defaulting on our u.s. debt is because republicans intentionally tie doing something with deficits to the dead issue and now we see the crisis. >> where you guys would be stuck voting three times on a debt ceiling. democratic senator claire mccaskill up for re-election in
9:17 am
2012 said about it. >> here's the solution to the problem. let's let the democrats do it and we want them to do it three times before the next election, and they'll be okay with us if they do it as long as we don't have to touch it. this is all about trying to take out me and a few others in tough states so that mitch can become the majority floor leader. >> at the end of the day, do you think you're going to end up being punished by the american public for being the sole party raising the debt ceiling? >> senator mcconnell's idea, it's tough to square senator mcconnell's idea with his statements previously that job one for republicans this year is to defeat the president and not let him get re-elected. any time the senate republican bes or house of republicans come out you have to question the motives. at the same time we have to move on. as much as we may not want the
9:18 am
gamesmanship republicans are playing, we have to get something sowed. i believe republicdemocrats wil anything republicans put on the table because they're not proposing anything. not just willy-nilly, after veterans and our schools but we have to go after the drivers of the deficits and hopefully, chuck, as lindsey graham said so often, republicans have nothing to blame but themselves and recognize that and come to the table. >> a hispanic summit that's taking place over two days, of course. no one's paid attention, because we're in the midst of this debt default time. the white house has done a lot of these outreach events but they feel like events geared towards re-election not towards solving problems and getting something passed. do you agree? is my sense correct there or do you feel maybe one ever these
9:19 am
summits will push for comprehensive immigration level? >> cluck, you're reading it very well. two things are going on. the president is trying to find a path to get something that he can only do so much through executive orders. you need to change the laws in this broken immigration system. at the same time i believe the president remembers that he made a promise, a full-fledged public promise to deal with immigration reform. you have families that are being broken up. citizens who are losing their family members, and we have to do something now. and so the president understands that coming into re-election mode, he has to say what he did to try to fulfill that promise. it's tough when you've got republicans who not only are resisting immigration reform but as congressman lamar smith, are actually trying to restrict the president's ability to do anything as the executive. >> all right. congressman, a member of the budget committee, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks, chuck.
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up next, will wall street be in a bad moody a y all day? bad pun. a check of the market before the bell. still to come, so much more the now you know theory. changing its tune on syria. finally. what it means for that region. first, today's trivia question. since 1832 how many times has ohio been the big state? the state to flip from red to blue or blue to red from the previous presidential election? the big swing state flipper. bonus point if you can name the year. that's chucktodd at dailyrundown. more coming up. stay with us on msnbc.
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just a few minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. which means it's time for a market review. hey, just across the river today. >> just across the river and no love. no visit. >> what mood are you in? >> i loved your bad pun. i was listening before. it is a moody day for the markets. so far looks like wall street will open higher anyway, despite all the threats coming from moody's and s&p. the idea that the united states could lose its triple a rating if we get into the debt ceiling talks and things don't look better. it could happen before august 2ened p2 en2nd. that's the word we've heard. disturbing. we will get through this, word on wall street, find a debt ceiling -- get through the crisis and they will pass this debt ceiling. a couple other things that happened today, chuck. first of all, jobless claims came out. we saw jobless claims drop substantially to 405,000. good news, we did drob by about 22,000. bad news is, this is the 14th week in a row you'll still above
9:25 am
400,000 for initial jobless claims. that's a concern. inflation looked it could be running hot with producer prices for the month of june up by 0.3%. retail sales, not that great. 0.1%. obviously consumers are a little concerned. plus news from jpmorgan chase today. came out with earnings better than expected. revenue better than expected. a lot of people wonder about the european situation what that would mean for jpmorgan. comments coming from jamie dimon on the conference call saying they could see a $3.5 billion loss, worst case scenario. doesn't think it would happen. listen to the quote. most of their exposure is to spain and italy. we're still lending to europe and i hope they appreciate it. >> wow. there you go. take that. ouch. all right. okay. across the river from me. thanks very much. >> uh-huh. come visit. up next, terror in mumbai as searching for the deadly bombing. who knows who did it yet?
9:26 am
old enemies or is this internal? we'll see. plus a new arrest in the uk scandal. here at home, calling for an investigation of u.s.-based news organizations. much more on "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ugh, time to color.
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just three shakes, foam it, love it! simply saturate hair root to tip, front to bac with tones and highlights. it's foamtastic! home haircolor, make room for foam haircolor! new nice 'n easy colorblend foam. your right color. look at this. in new york before the bottom of the hour. a few headlines today, earlier a suicide bomber, an attack came at a mosque in afghanistan southern city of kandahar killing four people including the head of the provincial religious council. hillary clinton went for turkey this morning meeting with senior officials for more than 40 countries. the meeting is the first stop on a 12-day diplomatic tour and comes after secretary clinton said wednesday that libyan leader moammar gadhafi's days in power of "numbered."
9:30 am
heard that before. new york congressman peter king, chairman of the homeland security committee in the republican controlled house calling for an fbi probe in the news corporation after revelations the british tabloid "news of the worlds" tried to hack information from 9/11 victims. he joins democrats in the senate who called yesterday for the gist is department and the sec to investigate. this comes as british authorities arrested the tabloid's former executive editor and parliament issued summons to rupert murdoch, his son james and former "news of the world" editor rebecca brooks. and officials invist no warning in mumbai's attack. today the government investigates who is responsible. we have the latest. >> reporter: in a bomb that went nauf this neighborhood right next to a playground where the kids had just gone home. now the question is, who did
9:31 am
this and why? there are some similarities, attacks by a home-grown terror group. no one claimed responsibility. at this point, nothing is being ruled out. the blast seemed to have been coordinated to kill and maim as many innocent people at poll. during rush hour, the place is full of workers, carnage in the streets, survivors trying to save the wounded. the first just before 7:00 p.m. in a popular jewelry area. then another wealthy business district. >> translator: everyone was -- a lot of confusion and people were scared. >> reporter: after ten minutes, a third bomb in a nearby busy neighborhood. ieds placed on a motor bike and a bus stop. >> a plotted attack by terrorists. >> reporter: in this part of india, hardest hit in eight year, worst since the siege by
9:32 am
pakistani militants and other locations in the city, leaving nearly 170 people here dead after days of terror. many here haven't felt secure since. and mumbai is once again on high alert. there's no indication the pakistanis have played role. they've condemned the bombing. the two countries have started talking about their differences since the 2008 attacks. back to you. >> michelle kosinski. and joined by executive editor of "the bloomberg view." usually, you have to say that, usually a terrorist attack in india, they come out and say, it was pakistani group, number one. you didn't see that this time. really no evidence of that? >> right. it's worth remembering, india is a country of a billion people, and in the split that occurred originally back in the '40s between india and pakistan, a couple hundred muslims live
9:33 am
inside -- >> millions. that's okay. >> live inside india and there are extremist groups with india as opposed to pakistani base that go over to india responsible for similar small-scale attacks. so nobody is clear yet who it is, but i think you're right. the fact that indian officials didn't immediately blame or cast doubt that it was pakistan suggests that they don't think it is. >> and also you just made a point we were talking ak. 200 million muslims in country of india makes india one of the largest -- the largest muslim country in the world? >> exactly. indonesia and india, countries with the largest number of muslims in the world. indians often present that evidence to westerners. >> sure. >> saying we know how to work closely with our multiple populations. we're a large democracy and see how things go so well. it doesn't always go so well in that country. >> move to syria.
9:34 am
both in new york and washington we're obsess with the debt talks and defaulting and obviously for important reasons, but there's important developments from the obama administration regarding syria for the first time. i feel like we're close to the line where the obama administration is saying, hasan has to go. secretary clinton almost said it. >> what they're doing both in the case of syria and often in this arab spring is using an analytical word to send message, and the analytical words in this case has no more legitimatisy. this is something that is a way of saying we think they're never going to work with us again. no way to sustain his power base over a long time. his days maybe are not as numbered as gadhafi's are, but it's taken on a momentum of its own and most analysts believe it would be very, very hard for him to put this back in the box.
9:35 am
>> i understood how egypt's end game would be. felt like you understood, didn't know the path, you feel the same way about libya. how, what is the end game in syria? can you even envision one that is not something that takes years? >> probably not. i think the end game is very, very long term. i mean, as you point out, you can imagine, gadhafi finally losing in egypt you saw mubarak step down. you don't imagine, and most an lifts do not imagine that bashir assad will step down, because this group that, the group that he represents has been in power for a long time and they are deathly afraid that if he steps down there will be some serious civil conflict, which will put that whole community at risk. >> a little bit of a difference between a gadhafi and a mubarak in that assad has real sort of regional support. he has a regional support network that necessarily mubarak
9:36 am
did not, when sort of it hit the fan. is that fair to say? >> fair to say. he and his father played middle east politics for lots of years playing different allies off each other. assad's closest ally is the government of iran, which has provided arms to him, provided support to him. people think have helped him in crowd control, and putting down these protests. the iranians, tragically, we know, showed an ain eed to put thousands of people. the state except starting to do creative things. last week, you know, the american ambassador went to hama. this was a really important moment where you used the power of america's ambassador to send a message to the people that we're on your side and probably prevented a massacre in that city. >> always the speculation that israelis are always, would prefer the devil they know. are they turning a corner now? >> i think the israelis are
9:37 am
realists. you're right. the israelis have preferred the assad family, because they control the military completely. had you make a deal with the assad family, they stick to it. as long as the details are speck. there's been very few incidents along the syrian israeli border over the year. they're afraid of chaos, and chaos in that part of the world is something the israelis are very worried about. what would happen if people started coming over the border? what would happen in lebanon? all the arrangements that brought security to the north are at risk if hasan goes. >> from the state department and executive editor of "the view" by the way, it's growing. i'm an avid reader now. i didn't think i would be. so congratulations. >> to add to your reading list. >> i know. a long one, but it's very good. congratulations on that. up next, "daily rundown" panel. it's a new york centric one but we've got washington on the brain. i promise. why some presidential hopefuls are staying silent on the debt
9:38 am
debate and ron paul is on the air in iowa, and has there ever been a leadership divide like the one between boehner and cantor. all next. first, without soup of the day is chipotle beef and black bean. maybe that will give heartburn to everybody before the debt talks. you need something to watch down the soup? cry a classic cocktail made with gin or whiskey using club soda, because this morning washington, d.c. declares the ricky, traces its roots to 1883 as the capitol's native cocktail. how about that? you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. my doctor told me calcium
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not even paris witness to so much history has seen many days like this one. it began with tanks and flames and it ended with a strong
9:42 am
rendition of the french national anthem sung by jessye norman. in america. forgive me. our '80s flashback week. anyway, on this day in 1989 hundreds of thousands took to the streets of paris to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the storming bastille. it lasted through the early hours of the morning. there you go. ' 85. better song choice today. congressional leaders return to the white house at 4:15 to talk taxes. is there a path to get a deal done? and joining us -- thanks for coming here to new york. my new york-based friends. i won't trash new york for another 20 minutes. i want to start with, it does
9:43 am
seem, i want to start with you, seems we're starting to see a little divide in the republican party about cut a deal versus not cut a deal. lindsey graham, what he said to the "new york times." our problem, we made a big deal out of this three months. how many republicans have been on tv saying i'm not going to raise the debt limit said mr. graham including himself. we have no one to blame but ourselves. seems i have noticed -- on earlier, in the okay, at some point cut a deal. i'm starting to trust these guys that they'll cut a good deal. >> my sense is that it's a learning process. you have a lot of freshmen members and a lot of people starting to understand that the credibility of any commitment that's made in a negotiations like this is limited. a year from now, two years from now, you can unravel that deal. there's a new skepticism about what we can realistically accomplish. what toughs in can be accomplished. that's what year seeing.
9:44 am
a disillusion about the process who can you trust. >> clearly, democrats found their target. it's eric cantor. they want to make hip the scapegoat. called him childish on the senate floor. tactically that might be good politics, but is this the way to get this done? >> it's just more scuffling. what eric cantor did, trying to make the president look bad, maybe make him look like he walked out of the meeting last night. in fact, it's just the president's style. he broke out of several examples where he's meeting with his own staff. he'll say something that indicates that he's done, gets up and leaves, and they're all kind of like sitting there. he's not walking out of the meeting. it's just a way he happens to end his meeting. and so cantor tried to make something out of it, and it's hitting back. well, they are moving towards some variation of the mcconnell plan. it's not going to be the three votes that mcconnell wants. >> sounds like it's going to be a layered plan. sort of like a little bit of mcconnell, maybe some cuts,
9:45 am
maybe the commissions and it could, like, turn into a grand bargain, but a lot of -- >> probably more like fail safe triggers, they call them. certain draconian things happen. that's what they did in the '90s to get to a balanced budget. so there's a combination of what i call the big fudge. >> yeah. >> which is what this new goldberg contraption mcconnell has built really is. it's just a way of kind of getting past the conversation. it allows republicans to do, and the reason mcconnell, cleverly designed it this way, to say they voted against raising the debt ceiling, without actually defaulting. defaulting the american economy. >> maggie, whatever deal happen, one group of folks will be against it, and it's the folks running for president. here is a little montage i've put together what these presidential candidates have said about the debt talks in the last 24 hours. >> now is not the time to retreat. it's the time to reload. i'm still not one to buy into this notion that we must incur
9:46 am
more debt, we must increase the debt ceiling by august 2nd, otherwise, there will be catastrophe. >> any cut that barack obama agrees to is not a serious cut, in my opinion. if i were republican leader of house and senate, draw the line in the sand and say, negotiations are over. >> president obama is holding the united states hostage so that he can continue his spending spree. >> and ron paul's up with a new tv ad about the debt ceiling, his end line is this, ron paul, cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. easy for those guys to say. >> absolutely. very easy to stand on the sidelines. unless you're a member of congress, which too many are -- >> they're going to vote no. >> ron paul is dr. no and -- >> no question. much harder to separate yourself out. michele bachmann held a press conference talking about a bill she wanted to pass that relates to this deal that will never
9:47 am
happen, is not going anywhere. it's easy to stand on the sidelines as you say and throw stones. you saw sarah palin with the reload language last night appealing to the tea party right and sort of where the race is being fought and where people are heading in terms of finances. but at the end of date, it's all a lot of air. the one person you're not hearing from is mitt romney, the front-runner. >> and he's -- he did it on tweet. they want to force him out there and say, hey, we've signed the jim demint pledge. another pledge. doing a whole thing on the pledges. it's gotten a little out of hand. tell me this, is there room -- is the conservative base split here a little bit? i notice the "wall street journal" editorial page, sort of what i call the economic conservatives saying, look, he's got to do something and the true sort of populace who also don't trust wall street saying, fert that. >> mcconnell, the basic idea,
9:48 am
recognize this and b recognize we have to do something and he's president. he won that election. let's move on from there, but not seen as a firming. >> and if he gets bad politics from the republican party to do the big deal with a democratic president? >> if you're asking me my own opinion i think the substance of a so-called grand bargain is very, very weak. i think we're -- everyone is kind of gaming the frame. what counts as $4 trillion in spending cuts? what are the mechanisms behind the spending cuts? >> the idea of it. could it be good or never -- >> it could be -- if you look at -- that could have been -- i think the promise that it's moving so fast. you're seeing an actual education of conservative primary voters in real time. >> hang in there. stick around. more ahead. trivia time. how many times has ohio been the big state that flipped from blue to red and red to blue in freevs
9:49 am
elections? somebody gave the answer. they didn't get the year. the years were 1836, 1920, 1944 and 1948. the largest state to flip. did you know that? >> such a close election. >> very close election. when there's a big flip, it's a big deal. >> thanks to our friends. smart politics, and we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. i don't even know anymore. [ tapping ] well, know this -- for a good deal on car insurance, progressive snapshot uses this to track my good driving habits. the better i drive, the more i save. it's crystal-clear savings and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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we won't be is he duced into calling it a bad deal a good deal and we won't let the white house full around with the full faith and credit of the united states. >> that was mitch mcconnell just minutes ago on the senate floor. let's bring back our panel. mitch mcconnell's message simply is a little bit before the base but at the same time still making the case for his plan. >> right, he's now getting some
9:53 am
blow back from the base on the house side. he's switched back to the bachmann message, the president is holding the full faith and credit of the united states hostage which is rather rich considering this has been their strategy for the last several months. >> you want to, you shook your head quickly. >> if you go back far enough the white house made a calculation this was a way to split the republicans and this was a way to embarrass them with their base and there's a lot of politics going on, on both sides. >> i was going to say there's a lot of triangulation. there are splits there. i want to go to something here there's a new poll out in iowa, head-to-head match yum, mitt romney is beating barack obama, mason dixon poll 42-39. maggie haberman, this is what we saw help barack obama, primary
9:54 am
campaigns made these states like indiana, north carolina better for the general. >> that's right. >> with only republicans campaigning in iowa and new hampshire, two swing states and romney seeing some benefit. >> i was shocked by the iowa number, surprised to see him that far ahead. i think there is a lot of game left, things will not necessarily look the same in a general election matchup, so with the caveats i think the president has a real problem. i think they have not quite done the work they need to do on the democratic side. >> what do they need to do in these primary states, john thanh a john than alter, because one of the thing he nodes the democratic idea is they'll beat each other up, it will look too conservative. there will be eight months of constant the president's a bad guy, a bad president. >> they'll spend some of the money they just raised and reported in many of these states. i think my guess would be they're going to be up early, surprisingly early in these places, the way bill clinton was
9:55 am
in 1995. >> to sort of prevent some of these things. ryan would you like it if the republican campaign went way long to put more of the states in play? oddly enough if the more campaigning could help, what we saw in '08 and might see the same effect happening now. >> one thing i noticed in the last debate it was so interesting to see the guys seem to row in the same direction. it will be interesting to see if that continues to be the case or if people, it's possible they'll be wary of getting too vicious, it remains to be seen. if they're so united in opposition for the president -- >> getting that nomination is a zero sum game. shameless plug times. maggie? >> shamelessly plugging alex burns, great story unaired ad about mitt romney's company. >> i saw it, unaired from 1994. >> correct. >> senate race. >> lost to ted kennedy.
9:56 am
>> if you own an ipad, subscribe to "the daily." >>. >> newspaper on television. >> i'm going to retweet your plug of a few minutes ago with jamie ruben of bloomberg review. a lot of people are doing amazing stuff and very substantive website. >> a different type of op. ed website. that's it for this new york edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow rob portman, former budget director for president bush and erskine bowles. good idea. let's go. did i just say that out loud? [ female announcer ] feel fresh up to 5 times longer with scope outlast. still feeling fresh? oh, yeah. [ female announcer ] what will you outlast?
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